Unlocking Cellular Memory The Allen Method


The most powerful transformations are made directly to your body-mind-emotion-spirit blueprint.  Limiting beliefs, early childhood traumas, self- imposed fears, chronic pain and illness can be cleared. Once the old patterns are released new empowering ways of being, knowing and becoming are integrated into your cellular memory. Diana allows the healing power of sound, unique to each individual, to come through her which adds another dimension to your healing experience.




Physical body alignment


This is an easy to learn body alignment technique (My 10 year old granddaughter can do alignments) When your body is out of alignment, you are being impacted either consciously or unconsciously. Very few people that I work are in alignment. If your spine is twisted, your shoulders or hips uneven or one leg is shorter than the other this affects your posture, gait and usually causes pain in the body. Our bodies are always giving us messages and part of “waking up” is learning to listen in a more aware way. The intention is to re-align the body so it can function with optimum health. Once you learn the alignment technique and how to ask your body the question “Am I in alignment?”, if the answer is no, you have the technique to correct yourself. No need to go to a chiropractor.






 Soul Retrieval


Anyone who has experienced a shock or trauma may have had some loss of their soul. One of the classic shamanic techniques for healing soul loss is soul-retrieval. Through a journey the lost portion of the soul is found and restored. One client said after this session she felt like she was actually in her body for the first time in her life. (60yrs)




Past Life Regression


Have you ever had a deja-vu with a person as you looked in their eyes and thought, I have known you before. Or a place? As I walked through the medina in Fez, Morocco, I knew I had been there before. We come into this life as a soul impressed with wisdom and wounds from many other lifetimes.  These impressions are encoded in an “energetic template” that informs your present personality, physical body, and some external circumstances in your life.  This template also carries the emotional charges from unfinished lessons from previous lives, and the plans and blueprints for the present life. Also, gifts that have been buried can come to the surface. It is important to be guided into your own experience so you can do whatever clearing is important for the next step in your soul’s evolution. Shy away from someone who says you were this or that in another life. Always do your own work.