It was a magical experience to sit next to you while you played from your heart, soul and everything you heard in between. I also had the experience and a great pleasure to do a healing session with Diana and rediscovered many things about myself and about my ability to heal myself. Diana is a master at what she does and if you feel anything stuck in your world please do reach out to her!


Jason Miller  August 2014, Marina Del Rey, California


Peaceful Media







    Hi my name is Soleil Lloyd. I used to have allergies to dairy, soy, strawberries and cherries.  Some of the symptoms that I would get from eating dairy would be eczema in the inside of my elbows, stomach aches and diarrhea. With soy, my stomach would hurt a lot.  With strawberries I would get a rash under my chin and it would be itchy as well. With cherries I would get an awful stomach ache and my stomach would also get 'hard'.


Diana Allen helped me with one treatment. After one 30 minute session, I can eat a lot more at restaurants, and I don't have to worry about ordering something without any of of those things happening or having to take something out of my meal.


I would recommend Diana Allen to anyone who has an allergy of any kind.


In gratitude,


From Soleil Lloyd (age 11)

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


On the afternoon of Monday March 5th this year, my knee underwent surgery to repair a medial meniscal tear. I got out of the hospital 4 hours later hobbling on crutches. I went home, still feeling the effects of the anaesthesia and spent the next 24 hours sleeping off and on. My knee was sore but not enough to take Tylenol 3’s with codeine. I was on the couch recuperating and the phone rang…It was Diana checking to see how I was doing – all the way from India!

Through her fabulous work, over Skype, she cleared my body of the effects of the anaesthesia and then asked what else she could do to help me. I mentioned that my knee was very sore to her and she went to work immediately. In 5 minutes, the pain in my knee was gone. By the next morning I was off crutches – less than 40 hours after my surgery!! I was walking normally, although slowly, by the following Monday when I had my first physiotherapy session.

I found it very amusing that the Physiotherapist thought that I was recovering so well because the surgeon was so good. I set them straight that it wasn't just him. Diana had also been part of my recovery and I sit here on my laptop, cross-legged, exactly 10 days later, in no pain.

Diana, you are simply amazing! Last year you cleared a lot of my very deep seeded blocks around my worth and the money that I deserve to make. And this year, I am having my most successful year as a business consultant ever!

Thank you so much for adding so much to my life!

Sincerely and with great gratitude,




My grand daughter's reading choices and years later doing a body alignment