Your Soul Song Ringtone

  • Everyone and everything has a unique vibrational signature, a multi- dimensional energy, a soul essence that can be expressed as music. One of my gifts is to “read” and transpose your vibration and play YOUR song on the piano.

    The music is recorded as a MP3 file and can be downloaded as a ringtone for your phone. The white keys and the black keys are played separately and you can decide which you prefer for your ringtone. Every time your phone rings you will be reminded of your connection to the Source of your being.

    Most music is recorded at 440Hz which creates a mental experience that tenses the body and is out of tune with the microcosm and the macrocosm.
  • My digital piano is tuned to 432Hz, the vibration of the golden mean, which is more harmonious and induces an inner experience that is heart directed.
  • Please fill in the form below to order Your Soul Song as a MP3 file. Thank you.

  • The price is $33 US.