"Be Your Own Healer" Webinar

With Diana Allen, Shaman, Musician, Artist, Writer

With Diana's teachings I have discovered that my communication with others has never been entirely clear and I haven't always had the confidence to be open and honest. She is helping me to change all of that and it is having a profound effect on all my relationships. Diana is the most wonderful person to work with. I know I can put my utmost trust in her with every aspect of my life.? A.M.Y., England

Are you living your life through conscious creative design or a default to old patterning?

In this webinar you will learn to:

Several years ago an orthopedic surgeon prescribed that I wear customized orthotics for the rest of my life to address my inability to walk effectively. In October 2014, I experienced my first healing session with Diana in Detroit. I had given up on my life, was walking with a cane, wearing orthotics and the arch in my foot had collapsed. In the first session as I began releasing limiting beliefs held in my DNA, a new awareness and understanding emerged.

Looking after everyone else and not myself caused my body to shut down and had led to an MS diagnosis four years ago. I joined Diana's Be Your Own Healer webinar in December and learned the body alignment technique. I no longer use my cane, am wearing regular shoes free of orthotics and my arch has returned. Every day I do the body alignment technique. Also, in three short correcting vision sessions, I have gone from tri-focals to no glasses, except when reading small print in dim light. I am thrilled with my progress and very grateful to Diana. C.S. Detroit

This seven-week webinar is a very personal, supportive, transformative experience and is limited to ten participants.

Dates: Saturday, October 10th - Saturday, November 21st, 2015

Time: 10:00 am - 12:00 noon PST

Location: Internet on Zoom

Investment: $799 USD payment via Paypal, balance due by September 30th, 2015

Deposit: $250 USD to secure your place, due at the time of registration.

Bonus for first the five people to that register and pay their deposit: A one-hour free clearing session with Diana valued at $125 USD.

To register: Please email me and indicate two areas where you are experiencing the greatest challenges you would like to transform. If you require any further information or have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Email: BeYourOwnHealer@mail.com

About Diana Allen
She has, for the last twenty-eight years, been a shaman, musician, artist, and writer. During this period she has pioneered the synthesis of traditional and other compatible healing modalities. In 1994 she left Canada and began a transformational journey. She has lived at many sacred sites, studying and teaching in twenty-five countries on six continents.

Diana has created a holistic, integrative, powerful method to assist her clients in releasing limiting patterns held in their cellular memory. This leads them to greater freedom, less stress, and a more intimate relationship with their bodies.

Your body has an innate wisdom to move beyond old conditioning and to heal chronic pain and disease. Diana teaches and coaches those who seek to experience their lives with greater purpose, vision, joy, and gratitude. She uses various techniques in private sessions, webinars, and the written word, to inspire her clients.

Diana continues to tap into ancient wisdom as well as mysteries held within the earth. She sings these wisdoms through transcendental vibrations. She also plays soul-songs on the piano, and paints soul-portraits of people's energies.