My intention is to share with you some of the magical journeys I have experienced for seven years (1994-2001) and from 2010 to the present.

Travelling as a single woman has brought me into contact with many peoples and cultures, working as a Shaman, musician, artist, in 16 countries on four continents.








Diana Allen, Catalyst for Healing, Musician, Artist




Diana’s heart centered intuitive ability accelerates the process of our bodies and spirits’ innate ability to heal. Addressing the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of our beings, Diana assists clients in accessing their wisdom, passion and willingness to expand their consciousness so they re-member who they truly are. During sessions clients frequently release chronic physical or emotional pain that has kept them feeling limited or trapped. At the end of the sessions clients feel more heart centered, balanced, re-vitalized and grounded.


 The foundations of Diana’s professional expertise include: Sound Therapy ( voice and piano) Shamanic Apprenticeship (Peter Aziz, Glastonbury, England and Josef Shim,Russia) Transformational Therapy/Jungian Psychotherapy (Gudrun Carstairs), Body Electronics, Hawaiian Kahunas and First Nations Medicine Men, Herbology, The Haven Personal and Professional Growth and Development Centre, Context Associated (The Excellence Series), Peak Potentials (T. Harv Ecker), Baron Mastery Institute (Dov Baron), Heart Centering Awakening Program (Brugh Joy, MD) ,

Vedic Philosophy with Jeffrey Armstrong, vancouver,


Mother of three and grandmother of six, Diana has always been a passionate advocate for uniting diverse approaches to healing. In the early 1990s, she founded and operated the Expanded Awareness Healing Centre in Kamloops, BC. Prompted by a personal transition in the mid-1990s, Diana “packed up her life” to embark on a seven-year voyage of travel, study, apprenticeship and sharing her healing gifts. The wisdom and riches she gleaned from a variety of cultures and sacred sites around the world continue to enhance Diana’s skill for inspiring people to uncover their authentic potential to live more aligned and integrated lives.


 Presently Diana is living in the South of France and participating in one year coaching sessions with Mary Morrissey ( and a one year joint venture program with JVIC ( Milana Leshinsky and Rich German)



Stay tuned for upcoming retreats and workshop in this magical part of the world. Diana is writing her first book Be Your Own Healer. A simple and powerful guide to integrating, body, mind, emotion, intuition and spirit.